Seraphinite Accelerator Nulled – Turn on site’s high speed to be attractive for people and search engines. Speed up a WordPress site on mobile and desktop!

The speed optimization of your site will be valued by people and search engines.

Demo :


  • Fastest cache engine
    A high-performance file cache engine works as fast as possible on your site.
  • High load tolerance
    Cache revalidation uses minimum resources.
  • Security
    User cached sessions are protected from brute force attacks.
  • Optimization plugins compatibility
    Many 3rd party optimization plugins can be used.
  • Various range of encoding
    GZip, Deflate, Compress, Brotli, Uncompressed are supported.
  • Cache data compression
    Decreases storage data occupation.
  • Browser cache
    Leverage browser caching via .htaccess to reduce server load.
  • Caching separation
    Data is different for various devices and environments.
  • No site registration and quoting
    There is no any site registration and no time or page count quota.

Free additional features

  • Multiple CDN
    Rearrange balance on multiple CDNs to be faster and decrease costs.
  • Lazy revalidation
    Pages speed is always highest even while content updating.
  • Cache storage space optimization
    The same parts are stored uniquely, which significantly saves space.
  • Users cache
    Smart caching of user’ dependent pages like shop cart, online courses, etc.
  • HTML error-correcting and checking
    Managing unescaped scripts, misplaced and lost tags.
  • Content size optimization
    Minification of Java-scripts, styles (CSS), HTML.
  • Media load optimization
    Lazy loading of images, video, frames, fonts.
  • Scripts load optimization
    Java-scripts and styles (CSS) lazy loading, inlining, and deferring.

Premium features

  • No page views limits
    There is no limit of 5000 page views per month. In free version after reaching that limit the product will just cache pages without optimization.
  • No banner
    There is no banner at the bottom of the site.
  • No promotions
    No promotions of other related plugins.
  • Support
    Personal prioritized support.